icon experience

ICON: A Fashionista's Dream Experience

Does your young child have a natural flair for fashion? Are they passionate about everything glamorous? If that's the case, we have something special in store for you! Our Icon Experience allows your child to embrace their inner fashionista and let their creativity soar!


Presenting an array of different sets, this experience provides an ideal opportunity to preserve those enchanting moments from childhood, ensuring they remain cherished forever.


Radiate joy, imagine big, and shine bright!

Prepare to amaze your child as they step into our studio and are greeted by an immersive world of excitement and glamour. Brace yourself for an explosion of pinkness, shimmering sparkles, the presence of a colossal Doll box, and delightful empowering music resonating from the speakers. Dancing and endless fun await everyone, with delightful pink surprises waiting to be discovered at every turn.




icon experience


Frequently asked questions 

💗 Siblings can have a joint session

💗 Yes parents/adults can have sessions

💗 We don't have any age limits but it's not really suitable for babies unless an older sibling/parent is taking part too

💗 We aren't planning any future dates at the moment unless these sell out super quick.

💗 These are suitable for all genders




What's included in your ICON Experience?


💗 30-Minute Portrait Session To truly capture your child's vibrant personality, our session allows ample time for them to showcase various fabulous looks and outfits. They can change into multiple outfits and be photographed against a variety of backgrounds, ensuring every aspect of their charm shines through!



💗 3 amazing custom pink sets, including the closet, pool house and doll box



💗 Cinematic Viewing and Ordering Appointment, you will have an amazing showcase experience. During this dedicated time, we will carefully go through the images together and select your favourites to create stunning artwork and products. Our printed products start at only £75, We do have something for every budget with payment plans and 12 Months Interest Free Credit available too. 



💗 BONUS COMPETITION: All dolls will be entered into our competition for a chance to win a 20" wall product worth £300


Barbie has forever represented empowerment, imparting important lessons about resilience, bravery and self-confidence. Just like Barbie, we have the power to inspire our children to fearlessly chase their dreams. Let's join forces and install in them, the unwavering belief that they can conquer any challenge they encounter. Barbie teaches us that our imagination knows no bounds and by dreaming audaciously, we open doors to infinite opportunities. 


Lets kindle a flame of self assurance within both you and your little one. Together, we can transform dreams into reality!